The great cover up…

Now then dear reader, as I said in the last post we needed a cover to keep out the worst of the weather.  This couldn’t be a normal tarpaulin or sheet as it needed to fit fairly well and be designed so that we could work inside of it.  I had a word with a local sheetmaker and he gave me a price, whilst this was reasonable for the amount of material and work involved I thought there may be a better option money wise.  I did a lot of research and found a Scottish company who could supply the Regentex canvas, a company in the north that would happily supply the webbing and a firm on the south coast that supplies decent brass toothed eyelets. 

Measurements taken, sketches done and orders placed I awaited everything required to arrive.  All we then needed was a sewing machine on which to stitch it together.  A constant watch on eBay soon lead me to a Sailrite LSZ1 portable machine.  It just so happened that it was being sold by another lugger owner, (he owns Veracity) a few emails back and forth had it winging its way to us. 😉 With everything in one place it was time to start cutting and sewing the canvas into a cover.  This developed into a HUGE job, needing three of us just to pass the canvass through the sewing machine each time!  Each seam had to be sewn twice so it was backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.  With each pass it got heavier and more bulky to handle.  After a LOT of work it was done and taken to the boat a bit at a time to check the fit and make any adjustments needed. 

It’s not quite a perfect fit, but not bad for a first go!

(Just as a side note the Sailrite sewing machine is a fantastic bit of kit!)

I also need to say a huge thank you to my mother, without her help (and livingroom floor) It wood have been very difficult indeed to make 😉

Let the demolition commence ;-)…


One comment on “The great cover up…

  1. That looks like an excellent canvas. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

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