The work begins…

The following few days passed in a bit of a blurry state due to lack of sleep and suchlike.  We moved the OP to another berth the following day and she thankfully sat much better indeed.

I then had to come up with a list of jobs and some sort of vaguely logical order for them to be tackled in.  This took many sheets of paper untill I had a rough plan.  It had already been decided that the cabin and wheelhouse had to be removed as they were both rotten to such an extent as being beyond repair.  The wheelhouse was also ‘not spoilt by its beauty’.  It was too low to be able to steer from and had one exit to the starboard side that claimed more than it’s fair share of my scalp en-route back from Penzance!

We also were going to strip the interior as this in no way suited our needs and was also rotten in many places.  But first, we needed a cover to keep things dry (ish) whilst there was no lid on the boat…


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