At last I’ve started!

Well here it is, the start of my blog about life with our lugger the Ocean Pride PZ134. 

As a bit of background we purchased her last year in Penzance where she had been laying for a while and not in the best of condition!  We had been to see a number of boats over the preceding 9 months or so, with mixed results.  The OP however kept appearing in my search results.  I had to just ‘have a look’ to discount her from our search.  That was when the trouble began!  We got to Penzance on time having driven 7 and half hours and met the owner.  We were also due to meet with the broker but they turned up an hour and a half late (having to drive only twenty minutes).  I hate being late myself and dislike it in others, so when she eventually turned up and admitted to knowing nothing about the boat I decided that if we were to proceed with the boat then she would not be part of the equation!

On first looks Trish my other half was NOT IMPRESSED!  She said it stank, was filthy and generally horrible!  Not perhaps the best starting point.  I however was, I admit now, already smitten.  All I had to do was convince Trish that we could get her clean and tidy again, yes it would take a lot of work, but anything is possible I said. I could tell that most of the old original boat was in reasonable condition, but that the cabin and wheelhouse that had been fitted in the early 1990’s was rotten or at best past it’s prime!  The engine started and sounded sweet enough although it was huge and in the wrong place if our plans were to be followed, just another job I said 😉

After the viewing and a long quiet drive home…

Much discussion followed and eventually we decided to get a Survey carried out on her.  I knew roughly what was required and wanted confirmation of my thoughts along with a skilled eye over the parts I considered to be OK.  Another long trip, by train this time found me in Penzance again.  The survey day started dull gray and deteriorated untill the rain was so heavy it made working very tricky indeed. 

To those who think being a yacht surveyor is a glamorous occupation looking at beautiful yachts surrounded by gorgeous people, I can tell you that Aiden the surveyor earned his money that day!

The results of the survey were pretty much inline with what I already knew.  She would need quite a lot of work, but was basically sound hull wise and was worth the effort!  An offer was then made and accepted and we became owners/custodians of the Ocean Pride 🙂