A whole lot of change…

Sorry for the delay in posts, but there has been yet more changes. Shortly after the last post was due to be publish, I had to move the workshop.  From the wonderful Oasthouse, in the country, to a modern industrial unit.   Whilst the unit is closer to home, more practical etc, it’s doesn’t have the character and history of the previous building. Oh, and it’s more costly 😦 Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

Anyway, since then work has continued steadily, in amongst other work.  The wheelhouse is progressing slowly. Whoever designed it needs shooting! (It was me) The roof has been really tricky, as so much is happening in a small amount of space. I keep telling myself that it WILL look superb when finished. The bottom half has been infilled with bead & butt boards, and looks really pleasing. The roof sections, are nearly ready for a MASSIVE glue up session very soon. I just want to ensure I have done everything to them that needs doing before they are permanently attached.  A few pictures below to show what’s been happening.


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